Сoncert of the Moscow Oratorio Choir on June 2, 2021

Today we are launching TICKET SALES for our long-awaited and very interesting concert of the Moscow Oratorio Choir on June 2, 2021!
You can use this link to purchase tickets for yourself and your friends.
We will be very happy to see all of you at our performance!

Promotional video of our concert!


Everyone who once sang with us from 1993 to 2019 - please respond and help us in this really difficult time!
Let's keep our wonderful choir together!

The Moscow Oratorio Choir is the oldest international choir in Moscow.  It is a unique group which for more than 25 years has been pleasing the Moscow public with its charity concerts. Twice a year our choir performs both classical works, and also works by talented modern composers.  Moscow Oratorio concerts give people a unique opportunity of creative self-expression, and open up to the public the beauty of rarely-performed works.

The year 2021 sees the 200th anniversary of the Italian double bassist, composer and conductor Giovanni Bottesini.   At present we are preparing for a concert to be held on 2nd June 2021, in which we will perform Bottesini’s Requiem for the first time in Russia.  It is an outstanding work of unbelievable beauty, little-known even among true professional musicians!

We will be holding our concert in one of Moscow’s most splendid locations – St. Peter and Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral.  We’re convinced that this Spring concert will be a great event in the musical life of not only our city, but also of the entire country, and it will attract not only Russians, but also foreign residents in Russia.  

In accordance with our long-standing tradition, part of the proceeds from ticket sales for our concert will be donated to various charities.  This year we intend to support true heroes – doctors who for more than a year have fought the pandemic, risking their lives and the health of their families and loved ones.

We would likewise be grateful for long-term co-operation, and offer you the opportunity of becoming our sponsor.

Yours faithfully,

A. B. Tsaliuk
Artistic leader