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Come and sing with us and enjoy the atmosphere of friendship and culture that the Moscow Oratorio Society has come to represent. The choir welcomes anyone with a desire to sing beautiful music under a conductor who strives to achieve excellence.

No auditions are required at the beginning of each season. Singers who wish to join after cut-off date are required to audition.

  1. Ability to read sheet-music and to attend rehearsals regularly
  2. Love of music and inter-cultural exchange
  3. Willingness to commit a few hours every season to organizational tasks in preparation for the concert

Rehearsals are conducted in both English and Russian. This means that the choir is not only a splendid musical experience but also an informal and very enjoyable language course.

To join the choir

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  1. No choral experience at all
  2. Previous choral experience, but not recent
  3. Significant choral experience (provide the details)
  4. Professional musician (provide the details)
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